Agent Login | Glacier Payments


Agent Login for GlacierPay Portal and GlacierPay Gateway


GlacierPay Gateway:

The GlacierPay Gateway is a Virtual Terminal that provides merchants the ability to process transactions Online, Manually, or via a Mobile Device.  Our direct integration to all major shopping carts enables merchants to seamlessly transmit payment information from their site, to our PCI Compliant gateway.  We offer a suite of services within the gateway to help protect you from fraud, customize your billing database, and simplify reporting all within one point of login. 

GlacierPay Portal: 

The GlacierPay Portal is a back-end reporting system with comprehensive processing analytics.  The Portal gives you access to real-time transaction data, settlement batches, merchant statements, chargebacks, and the resources needed to make your daily, weekly, and monthly reconciliation reports so simple, anyone can do it!